Slice Backhand Defense

Posted on June 16 2018

Why would you hit a slice backhand defense?

The slice backhand defense is a difficult shot to master. Check out Daves Drills below for some expert tips on how to perfect yours!

The slice backhand defense is not a tennis shot you want to be playing very often as if you're playing a good player and you're on the back foot, they should see the opportunity to come to the net as soon as you prepare your racket for a slice. 

However, this doesn't mean the shot has no place in tennis. 

The slice backhand defense would be better described as the slice backhand rally shot. It's most effectively used to change up the pace of a rally in a long rally or as a tactic against someone with a specific flaw in their game. 

For example, if someone has an extreme grip on their forehand, the chances are, they're going to find it really hard to get over a slice ball. 

Alternatively, if you're trading rally shots with an aggressive baseliner and losing the majority of the points, it might be worth throwing in a few slice backhand to give your opponent a different look. 

To see some tips on how to hit a slice backhand defense, take a look at the below video where Dave explains a great drill!

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