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Posted on May 02 2018

If you're anything like me, your short game is terrible and so you have to continuously practice putting and chipping.

It’d be nice to think you can sink all of them in the hole but in reality my golf balls at the end of the practice a perfectly even scattergraph across the green with a few outliers somewhere off to the side.

I normally get carried away and have in the region of five missed phone calls from the wife chastising me for being at the Golf club so when it comes to finishing up and collecting the balls, it’s a pain in the arse!


Golf balls collectors

It was for this reason that I thought I would try and develop a product I came across through work and promote it in the golf market.

Five years ago, I came across a walnut collector and realised it could collect golf balls amazingly well! I talked with the manufacture of the product, who happened to be some wizzo Italian engineers and they said they could develop a smaller one especially for golf if I could promote it.

Fast forward five years and we have thousands of happy customers, distributors in five continents and collectors for over 6 different sports, including lacrosse, Baseball, Hockey, Cricket, Tennis and Pickleball.

I would never have thought my enthusiasm for chilling out on a sunday afternoon and hitting a few balls would develop into such a wire ranging business but I’m delighted to say that it has and that I still use my original golf collector today, unfortunately I haven’t come up with a solution to the phone calls though!

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