Davis Cup Is Back Already!!

Posted on March 04 2016

Today Great Britain start the defence of their title “World Champions” – yes, Davis Cup tennis is back! It doesn’t seem 5 mins since us Brits were celebrating Leon Smith and his teams historical 3-1 victory against Belgium in Ghent having got passed the other 3 Grand Slam Nations.

Well, come to think of it, it was only a few months ago which reminds me just how tough this sport is – even if you take the individuality out of tennis and play as a team you’re still asked to begin the long road of defending your World Title 4 months later! – Brutal!

The question I ask is whether we follow other sports and have our “World Cup of Tennis” less frequent. ?

Personally I would love to see it every 2/3/4 years over a week/fortnight, maybe the minor Nations have play off matches throughout the year to make the finals..? – Yes I’m sure it would be a scheduling nightmare for the people that run the game but it would enhance it greater as an event and give everyone the chance to represent their Country.

Currently with the tennis annual calendar already as congested as any capital city rush hour at present most top players choose to opt out rather than in. This year Spain, one of the strongest Nations don’t even figure in The World Group… that can’t be right.

An example with this year’s draw sees GB (assuming a victory over the Japanese) potentially facing Serbia (Novak) and Switzerland (Roger and Stan) to reach a 2nd straight final. Unbelievably tough you would think, but will all these “top tenners” play and if so will they be present in every tie.? We all want to see the best players playing for their Countries, showing their passion and emotion to win for the team.

Putting my British cap on for a moment imagine Andy vs Novak or Andy vs Roger battling it out to become World Champs, imagine the atmosphere, imagine the spectacle, imagine the increased global interest….

If this change was to ever happen a look at the format would be a good shout as well – more matches to test the strength and depth of each Nation, with obvious time constraints maybe best of 3 rather than 5 sets in each tie, the list is a long one in terms of making it work but if it could happen then the neutral would find it hard to argue against the winners being the strongest and most successful tennis Nation in that year.

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