Can a New Racket Really Change Your Game

Posted on July 27 2018

There’s always that one guy who rocks up every other month with the newest tennis equipment money can buy, the latest rackets, brand new bag, and probably a bandana. In general, they’re normally terrible tennis players, and you’ll find them blaming their racket the next month, and moving on to the next ‘big thing’ to hit the tennis equipment market. These posers aside, the question is, can changing your racket make a significant improvement to your game?


The most important thing about your racket has to be that it feels right for you. You can be sold on all the magical technology that a company says they put in to their rackets, but if you don’t feel comfortable with your tennis equipment, you’re not going to play well. There are so many things you can customise with a tennis racket; head size, grip size, weight, balance, and all these aspects can make a huge difference to how the racket feels in your hand and when you’re hitting the ball.

While aspects such as head size and weight are roughly fixed once you’ve bought a certain racket, there is one aspect that you can always tweak: the strings. If you want to change how your racket plays, the most simple way is to change how it’s strung. You want more power, spin, control, any number of things can be changed by tweaking the tension or changing strings. This is a much simpler alternative to buying new equipment, not only is it more cost effective, but you don’t have to spend time adjusting to a whole new racket.


At the end of the day, tennis racket companies are there to sell you more rackets, every couple of years they are going to change the colour schemes on their equipment and tell you about all the technological advances they’ve achieved. This is business, and completely understandable; they want to convince you that new tennis equipment is going to revolutionise your game. This appeals to us because it’s easier to improve by dropping £200 on a new racket than spend hours improving your technique. But at the end of the day, if you gave Roger Federer a stick of wood that somewhat resembled the shape of a tennis racket, he’d make it sing, but you could play with the best racket of 3018 and you’ll still be you.


A new tennis racket can make a big difference to a person’s game under certain circumstances. If someone is horribly unsuited to their current racket, then finding a racket that feels right for them can breathe new life in to their game. Likewise, if you’re using a racket from the early 90s, the chances are, technology has moved on and you’d benefit from a new stick. However, the thing with new tennis equipment is often that if people put as much time into their game as they do selecting a new racket, they’d probably see bigger improvements.


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