Squash Ball Collector

Posted on October 05 2016

Kollectaball picks up Squash Balls

Kollectaball has two squash ball collecting tool that will make life easy if you're a squash enthusiast or coach.

We have two squash ball collecting tool, the Pro-Collector, and the BagBuddy; the Pro-Collector Squash Ball picker will collect 80 squash balls and the Bagbuddy squash ball picker will collect about 40 squash balls.

Both work, in the same manner, they are made up of 60 wires formed to make a cage on the end of a three-stage or two-stage handle. Balls are collected by holding the handle and simply rolling over the balls.

The balls will enter the wire cage because the wires are very flexible, the wires will bend to allow the squash ball to enter and then return to their original form.

To empty the balls, students or coaches have to hold the handle lower down and bring it up to their chest, they then use their free hand to push the teeth at the side of the cage over and into the wires.

This will open the wires and create a space big enough for balls to fall out of. Once the gap is created, invert the handle and the balls will drop into whichever container you chose to hold the balls in.

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