Steve Johnson Wins US Open

Posted on August 28 2018

Anything can happen in the world of sports, and sometimes fairy tales do come true. While this hasn’t really been the case in men’s Grand Slam tennis of late, that doesn’t stop us from speculating on our gut feelings, and putting a $ on our favourite players. From long shots to long long shots to Elvis is still alive shots, here are our predictions for the US Open.


Bernard Tomic to Win the US Open

On our last US Open preview, we had one optimistic comment that Bernard Tomic would win this year’s men’s singles. We would dearly love to include this in our picks, but the not so loveable Australian didn’t make it through qualifying. So since the Open will be without one of its least loved player in Tomic, who claims he does not like tennis and does not care if he wins because he makes so much money, we’ve had to find a second pick. Step up Steve Johnson for a homegrown winner. Though we don’t wish to tarnish his name in the same paragraph as Tomic, we reckon it’s time for an American winner, and why not the loveable Steve?


No American Winner for the Women’s

On the women’s side, an American win would not be such a surprise, with Serena Williams, Sloane Stephens and Madison Keys all being amongst the favourites. We however, are big fans of Camila Giorgi, and are backing the Wimbledon quarterfinalist to add some Italian style to the trophy ceremony in New York. She may not have had the best hard court season so far, but if Steve Johnson is our long long shot, Camila Giorgi is a slightly safer bet.


Elvis is Still Alive Shot

At Wimbledon this year, Federer shocked the world by walking out in his new UNIQLO clothing. Normally, whenever Federer wins something or hits the spotlight, Rafael is not that far behind. That’s why we are backing Rafael Nadal to move his fashion sense forward by looking back in time and bring back his ¾ length shorts, cut off shirt, pirate look. Nadal really is a fashion icon, who wears sleeveless shirts since Nadal stopped wearing them?


While we know our long shots probably won’t come off, we are looking forward to watching as much of the US Open as humanly possible. The bright lights and loud music of New York are the perfect setting for high energy tennis, and we are sure this year will be another great show.


We’d love to hear your long shot predictions, so let us know who you’ve got your eye on.


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