Time to Get Off the Tiger Woods Hype Train (for now)

Posted on May 11 2018

Eldrick Tont Woods is a living legend. No one that has ever stepped onto a golf course has captivated sports fans around the world quite like he has. His rise to the top and his reign as the worlds best will be talked about for years to come.

Fall from Grace 

But there are two things we love to watch as much if not more than the rise of a hero—his fall and his resurrection.

Tiger Woods certainly had an epic fall from grace. His personal issues combined with some health problems put his legendary game into the tank. But he appears to be back this season. He’s been healthy, he’s played well, and he has had the golf world buzzing every time he swings a club.

When he finished tied for second at the Valspar Championship you would have thought the golf world had witnessed the second coming of Ben Hogan. One second place finish and some were willing to say that he was ‘back.’ Oddsmakers even made him the favorite to win the Masters.




Had he strung together a bunch of top-five finishes and lost a couple of playoffs it might have made sense—but he hadn’t. It was one second place finish, but since it was him, the golf world went nuts.

When he tied for fifth at the Arnold Palmer the following week, the Tiger-mania was alive and well—and it needed to stop. It’s not hard to understand why the media and fans give Tiger and his game so much attention.

Return to Prominence

No reporter wants to be the one who missed the boat on Tiger’s return to prominence. Fans want to be able to say “they were there (or watching)” when Tiger finally wins another tournament. So, we jump on the hype train to make sure we don’t miss a thing—but it isn’t fair to him.

He is playing again, and since he has forgotten more about golf than most players know, he could win at any time. But to expect him to is unfair.

We forget that he has been away from the game for years. In that time, courses have been redesigned, greens have changed, and what was once familiar to him could now be foreign. That was certainly the case last week at the Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow.

The greens had been regressed twice along with several other revisions including the first five holes being revamped. No one should have been surprised when Tiger struggled with the greens all weekend. He ended up finishing the tournament tied for 55th at 2-over.

He had this to say after the tournament (ESPN):

"It's just one of those weeks, and I'm on to the next week, which is nice. That's one of the great things about golf is that once the tournament's over, you're on to next week.''

So—is he not going to rise then? Will he not be that dominant golfer once again that he was so many years ago now?

Absolutely not.


He's Just a Human 

What we forget when it comes to Tiger’s resurrection is that he is just a human. Sorry gold fans—he’s not a god. Since he is human, he is going to need time. With that time, he will need to do many things. He’ll have to find his game, develop some endurance, and learn the lay of the land.  

Wells Fargo proved that he doesn’t know the courses as well as he once did. Chances are that will not be the last course that isn’t how he remembered it. But to learn them all over again is going to take time.

So, let’s jump off the hype train for now and just let the man play. But once he has his groove back, be prepared to jump back on.

Any version of Tiger is fun to watch. But one that is healthy and properly prepared to play—he’ll be mus


Tiger Woords commentary

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