Watching Men's NCAA Lacrosse

Posted on April 10 2018

Who Should I look to Watch in NCAA Men's Lacrosse? 

If you look at the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse rankings, you’ll see that the Albany Great Danes are the No. 1 team in the country. So—they must be pretty good, right? Obviously, but the question on the minds of non-lacrosse fans is going to be how good. But if they aren’t a fan, why would it matter?

Easy— because even if they aren’t a lacrosse fan, sports fans typically love and admire excellence. If they are going to try a sport that they are not familiar with, they don’t want to watch a mediocre or lesser team. They want to see the best; not just a team that wins games, but someone who dominates.

This season, in men’s lacrosse, that someone is the Albany Great Danes.

But how can that sentiment be expressed in a way that non-lacrosse fans can appreciate? They can look at records and scoring differential all day long. But while that may be impressive, it doesn’t move people to watch; it lacks a ‘wow’ factor.

How good are Albany Great Danes at Lacrosse?

How about this comparison—the Albany Great Danes are the Golden State Warriors of men’s lacrosse.

The Warriors are the powerhouse in the NBA. They are not playing their best right now, but they have developed a reputation for dominance that is unparalleled in sports. When one player goes down, they aren’t worried. As head coach Steve Kerr has said when that’s happened, he has other all-stars on the roster.

They’ll pick up the slack, and they usually do. Okay—so how does Albany compare to the Warriors?

This season, heading into their April 6 game against UMBC, the Great Danes are undefeated and the proud owners of a 10-0 record. The final score has been close only twice, an 11-9 win over Cornell (March 4) and an 11-10 win over Maryland (March 10), the defending national champions.

Otherwise, they have been dominating the competition—much like the Warriors often do.

So far this season (as of 4/06), Albany has the top scoring team in the country with an average of 15.4 goals a game. They are tied with Hofstra and West Point for the No. 1 defensive team in the country as well (7.0 goals/game allowed.

Golden State isn’t that dominant on the defensive end of the court, but the point is more that Albany dominates opponents like the Warriors.

Much like the Warriors, the Great Danes also have some of the best players in the game on the roster. Freshman Tehoka Nanticoke is widely expected to earn freshman of the year honors this season. So far this season, he’s won some kind of weekly conference award as long as the team had a game. Senior Connor Fields has been named a finalist for the Senior CLASS Award.

TD Ierlan, Fields, and Nanticoke are all on the Tewaarton Award watch list as well.

But, like the Warriors, the Great Danes also have other talented players in guys like Jakob Patterson, JD Colarusso, Kyle McClancy, and Justin Reh.

So, if you are thinking of giving college lacrosse a try and want to watch the best, take a look at the ‘Golden State Warriors’ of lacrosse—the Albany Great Danes.

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