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Posted on November 05 2018

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Winning might have nothing to do with looking good on and off court, but that hasn’t stopped the likes of Bjorn Borg, Roger Federer, and Maria Sharapova from making some big fashion statements.

The walk to the court has become a perfect opportunity for players to showcase their eye for fashion as the eyes of the world wait with bated breath to see their idols enter the arena.

We will always remember Roger Federer’s Wimbledon blazer, Borg’s red Fila jacket, and Serena Williams’ black catsuit. (If you're looking for stylish gifts of all kinds check out our Gifts for your Tennis Loving Lady!)

But one of the most eye-catching pieces of apparel has to be the tennis bag.

We’ve all been there when we’ve spotted our opponent walking on with a battered old 3 racket bag, and thought well this guy is going to spend the next 3 hours grinding me all around the court (why do grinders always seem to have 3 racket bags, or is that just me?)

Your tennis bag, like your tennis racket, can say a lot about you, and if you have the right one, the convenience that they offer will have you well prepared to play your best tennis.

Some of the pros have turned their tennis bags into something of a statement though, and of course, Roger Federer is the man who will be best remembered for this with his white and gold Nike sports bag at Wimbledon 2009.

If you’ve got a tennis-loving loved one, then tennis bags can make the ideal tennis gift. Unlike clothes, where you have to guess at a size, or rackets, where there are a 1000 things you need to worry about, bags are a one size fits all, easy buy, that can have your friends looking like bosses as they take to the court.

We’ve picked out some of our favorite bags for our tennis gift ideas so you don’t have to spend the time trawling through the shops and finding what compartments are hidden in every bag.

The right gifts will have your friends and family looking the part, and more importantly feeling the part, and a bag is a perfect place to start.


Women's Tennis Gifts - Bags


Head Maria Sharapova Tennis Combi Bag [Amazon]


As we mentioned, Maria Sharapova is one of the queens of style on the tennis circuit, and, together with Head, she has put her fashion and tennis knowledge together to produce this stunning racket bag.

What we love most about this bag is that it has all the elements of a racket bag, but it looks more like a high-end carry-bag which wouldn’t look out of place on a runway.

Though you’ll be feeling like a fashion icon with this tennis bag, the designers have not forgotten the tennis side of this item, and it has all the space you’ll need for your rackets, clothes, shoes, water bottle and all the other items that a great tennis player needs.

This racket bag [Amazon] is the perfect combination of style and utility and is our number one pick for tennis gifts for any budding female tennis player.

Adidas by Stella McCartney Women’s Tennis Bag [Amazon]


Not every day is match day, so sometimes its quite nice to scale down and just bring the bare essentials. There’s no need to forgo on the style though, as Adidas have produced this stunning white tennis bag that is as comfortable as it is practical.

Sometimes there’s just no need for a bulky racket bag, and when that is the case, this Stella McCartney bag [Amazon] is the perfect item to rock up to practice with.

It has space for all the essentials, and will easily accommodate a couple of rackets, a pair of shoes and some extra clothes to change into.

This bag would make an excellent tennis gift for anyone who loves looking good when they turn up to practice but doesn’t want to compromise on what they can fit in their bag.

Ame & Lulu Emerson Tennis Tote [Amazon]

This little Tote bag is perfect for the tennis court, but can also be used out and about and at the gym without ever looking out of place.

It has a specially designed interior racket pocket that will keep your rackets safe, with separate compartments for you to fit everything you need in.

The Ame & Lulu Emerson [Amazon] Tennis Tote comes in a wide variety of colors, so you are bound to find the one that will make the perfect tennis gift for someone you love.

We bought one of these for our tennis loving cousin, and she has pretty much retired her racket bag in favor of the convenience of the tote bag. It truly is one of the best tennis bags we’ve come across.


Men's Tennis Gifts - Bags


Wilson Federer Team Tour Collection Bag [Amazon]


When we think tennis rackets and tennis bags, we’re big fans of the minimalist look. The Wilson Pro Staff 97’s  [Amazon] all black look, and the Head Graphene Touch Prestige’s  [Amazon] black and red are two examples of what we think every racket should look like!


When it comes to bags, we have much the same thoughts, and the Wilson Federer Team Bag absolutely nails the minimalist look that we love.


Its sleek, all black look is sure to have you looking like a complete boss when you walk on the court, and its got all the features you can ask for in a tennis bag.


With the Federer Team Tour Collection Bag [Amazon] you can look like Fed, and who knows, perhaps you might play a little more like Fed too!


Head Rebel Backpack [Amazon]

As we said, not every day is match day, so having something a little bit smaller to turn up to practice with can be quite helpful.


Luckily, Head are on hand to provide you with the perfect tennis gift that is perfect for practice!


The Rebel Backpack [Amazon]has a special padded compartment that is designed to keep your rackets protected at all times, so you can rest in peace that your valuable rackets aren’t going to get damaged.


It also offers a breathable compartment to keep shoes freshly stored away, and plenty of extra space for accessories such as water bottles and balls.


This bag might stray from out normal minimalist ideal, but we think it looks pretty striking in its orange and blue colors.


Kuston Sports Gym Bag with Shoes Compartment Travel Duffel Bag [Amazon]

Sometimes we just don’t feel like rocking up to tennis in what everyone else deems to be traditional tennis gear. Why do we have to fit in with what everyone else is doing?


On those occasions, we love to pack all our stuff into our gym bag, the Kuston Sports Gym Bag, which we absolutely adore. This bag has been one of our best buys of the past year, period. It has so many little features, looks great, and has proven to be extremely durable.


The Kuston [Amazon] features four ways to carry, a main compartment for clothes and laptop, a smaller inner compartment to keep your phone and keys safe, a waterproof outer compartment to store toiletries and wet clothes, and a separate compartment for shoes.


This bag is as useful as it is stylish, and we think it’s a perfect tennis gift.


Bags are one of the most sure-fire ways to get your tennis enthusiast smiling this Christmas! Unlike some other tennis items, they're one size fits all, and you really can't go too wrong.

If you know someone who's always out on the tennis court, why not help take their game to the next level, and check out some of our other recommendations for tennis gifts


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