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Posted on October 30 2018



Are you looking for the perfect tennis gift for a friend, or perhaps something to help you out in the never-ending pursuit of tennis perfection? Today we’ve got a couple of amazing little tools that can help take you or a friends tennis to the next level, and they are sure to make the perfect tennis gifts.


However you try to improve your tennis, whether it be through a professional coach or self-help tutorials, the really difficult part can be knowing if you’re actually doing what you’re trying to achieve.


Say your coach tells you that you’re hitting your forehand too far away from your body. While your coach is with you, you get good feedback as to whether you’re actually hitting your forehand closer to your body.

But you finish your lesson and come back the next day, and you find it’s actually really hard to know if you’re hitting your forehand closer to your body. Feedback is essential to improving your tennis, but unfortunately, feedback is really hard to come by.

It’s a bit like when you go to the gym, you’ve been taught the correct technique for a certain exercise, and you think that you’re doing it to the letter, but when you look in the mirror it turns out you’re doing it horribly wrong.

Tennis is no different! So when we found the Tennis Swing Training System by Road to Pro, we were pretty excited and thought -  wouldn’t that make a great tennis gift!

The Tennis Swing Training System by Road to Pro [Amazon]


This simple, yet effective gadget allows players of all levels to get valuable feedback on all their strokes, and is one of the best tennis gifts on the market. 


Using just an armband and tennis balls, the Road to Pro allows players to feel exactly what is happening on their shots, and it comes with a handy guide to help improve your tennis.


Take our previous example, where our coach has told us we are hitting our forehand with a straight arm. With the Road to Pro you can strap a tennis ball to the inside of your elbow and if you can feel the tennis ball against your body then you know you're hitting the ball with better technique.


The Road to Pro works for all kinds of technical elements and is an excellent way to help you develop your game.


Check out the official video of the Road to Pro!



If you know someone who loves tennis but is struggling to improve at the speed they would like to then the Tennis Swing Training System by Road to Pro [Amazon] would make the perfect tennis gift. 


The TopspinPro [Amazon]



In today's game, topspin rules. Think of Djokovic, Federer, Nadal, any of the top players, and they're all expert baseline players using topspin to move their opponent around the court and dominate the court. 


We might not all be able to generate the amazing spin that these top players do, but that doesn't mean that adding a little extra topspin to our shots can't help us move our tennis game to the next level. 


As we've already established, good feedback in tennis can be hard to come by, and learning how to hit with good topspin is no different. 


The great thing with the TopspinPro [Amazon] is that it's so simple! You hit the ball just as you would hit a normal shot, the ball rebounds off the machine, and as it comes back, you can tell exactly how much spin you've got on the ball.


If you know someone who has just started off in tennis then this would make an ideal tennis gift.


Check out the video here!



While it's a cause of many an obsession, tennis is also the cause of many frustrations. We're always striving to hit the ball a little harder, play a little closer to the lines, and hit that perfect shot, but sometimes the journey of getting to where we want to be doesn't move quite as fast as we want. 


Thankfully, there are products out there that can help us achieve our goals and the Road to Pro and TopspinPro are the ideal tools to help you or your friend improve their technique.


Shopping for the ideal gift is never easy, but these great tennis gifts might just make someone you know very happy indeed!


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