About Kollectaball

Developing the Kollectaball has been a long and exciting process and we are very proud of our bespoke engineered product. It has been designed by coaches for coaches, so you can be assured that it works, saves time and prevents injury; please take a look at the new way of collecting and feeding balls!

By providing fun and essential services that allow people to realise their ambitions in the game.

Our first service is the Kollectaball, it collects faster than any other collector, with no injury risk, no damage to the balls and with an efficient interchangeable basket and easy storage system. Most importantly, it makes collecting balls fun.

We want to inspire players and coaches in the sports that they love.

You can focus on your sport, we’ll take care of the balls.


There's no need for batteries and you don't have to worry about running into a robot whilst playing like with the Tennibot. Nor do you have to fork out hundreds of dollars as you would if you bought a Playmate Tennis ball collector or a BRAD tennis ball retriever. What's the use in an autonomous picker upper if there's no fun involved!? Kollectaball is strong, durable, affordable and fun. It's the tennis equipment you're coaching experience is missing! 



Kollectaball Max

We want to reinvent the way in which people collect balls after practice. Why waste time picking one ball up at a time when you can collect 60 in seconds? In our minds, it shouldn’t be a chore and more importantly it shouldn’t detract time from your game.

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