Michael Palmer

As a young boy I remember watching what I thought was the huge injustice of Stan Smith taking Illie Nastase’s Wimbledon crown. I couldn’t understand how somebody so talented could lose to somebody who as I saw it, just kept “plodding on.”

The event fired my interest in the game and I started to play when I got the chance, rocking the Bjon Borg headband when possible!

A few years down the line, with the Borg headband safely buried at the back of the wardrobe, my two sons began playing across the UK, which further expanded my relationship with the game.

Playing tennis has been a very important part of my life. I enjoy playing club tennis across Leicestershire and regular men’s doubles and I continue to strive for improvement. I have not reached the heights of my colleagues in the game far from it, but still fancy my chances at the Kollectaball challenge!

As time has passed and as much as I love to see talent shine, I now know talent alone does not succeed. A complete mix of skills is needed and these skills transfer into winning through all parts of life.

The mix of skills and experiences we have brought to bear in the creation of Kollectaball I hope will make Kollectaball the product of choice for you. I also hope you get as much fun out of using Kollectaball as we have had developing it.

Michael Palmer

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