Jamie Delgado

Posted on February 10 2016

Delgado takes on Hopper Challenge 

Our current top challenger is former pro and British Davis Cup player Jamie Delgado who scored a ‘basket’ with his seventh shot. Can Jamie hit the tennis ball collector?

Delgado, showcases his skills, letting everyone know he's still got it. Jamie only had one try at this with no warm up and still hit a very respectable score. 

Wondering what the hopper challenge is? We created a game where you get 7 balls fed to you and you try and hit the Kollectaball Tennis Hopper as many times in those 7 balls as possible. 

As you can see below, some people are pretty good at it!

So what's it all about? Well, the reason we decided it was a good idea was because we wanted to showcase what the Kollectaball Hopper can do. 

The traditional tennis ball hoppers are pretty awful, so we decided to create a hopper that's strong, stable and can collect. 

The Kollectaball hopper can be hit at 120mph plus and will not fall over or break, it can collect hundreds of balls in minutes using the same technology our tennis ball picker uppers use. 

They have two height setting for the taller tennis coach and the wire opening allows coaches to take out three tennis balls at a time. 

The cages can be used interchangeably with the Kollectaball max, allowing many balls to be collected in a very short time, to check out our tennis ball hopper, go to our home page and take a look at the video! 

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