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Kollectaball's Vision

Kollectaball started out with an immense passion for tennis that has only grown with time. After years of playing the sport, we came to the conclusion that tennis equipment simply doesn’t do enough to help tennis coaches. So we set about changing this!

We started out with our signature tennis ball collector and developed it into what we believe is the ultimate ball mower and tennis ball hopper combined in one easy product.

With the Kollectaball tennis ball retriever you can collect balls from the tennis court in seconds, and with no hassle at all, convert it into a sturdy feeding basket.

Our love for sport doesn’t stop at tennis though, so we thought, why not expand our range into more sports?

The result was our excellent golf ball retriever that can collect golf ball from any surface and even fetch your best ball out the lake. We have a golf ball picker to a suit a variety of needs, and we love that our golf ball collector makes picking up balls more enjoyable.

There are tons of sports that Kollectaball can benefit, but one of our favorites is pickleball. This is one of the fastest growing sports in America, and we’ve got one of the best pieces of pickleball equipment out there!

Whether you’re looking for golf ball collectors, tennis ball pickers, or pickleball collectors, our vision is to provide you with the perfect tool!

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