Kollectaball K-Mini

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The Simplest Tennis Ball Collector  

The K-Mini is an extremely lightweight tennis ball collector, made for kids and coaches to collect 40 balls in seconds and empty them into a larger ball basket. It comes with a hook to hang on the fence to easily store.


Fast, Simple Ball Collection

The K-Mini is suitable for Tennis, Padel, Ping Pong & Pickleball.

  • Tennis ball retriever collects up to 40 balls
  • Lightweight and strong tennis ball hopper
  • Glides over surfaces
  • Great for kids
  • Easy dispensing into ball trollies
  • Can hang on the fence
  • Lifetime Kollecting

Please note that all of our products are supplied without balls.

THIS PRODUCT WILL NEED ASSEMBLING - Please refer to our instructions page for video tutorials 

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