Kollectaball Strike

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The (any) Ball Collector

 The Kollectaball Strike or K-Strike is the most versatile ball collector of spherical objects available anywhere!


A Multipurpose Tool

The K-Strike will pick up;

  • Tennis balls (40 balls)
  • Baseball Balls (24 balls)
  • Lacrosse Balls (24 balls)
  • Apple (30 Apples)
  • Pickleball balls
  • Hockey balls
  • Cricket Balls 
  • Oranges
  • Lemons
  • Ping Pong Balls 

If it's round and similar in size to an apple or tennis ball, the K-Strike will pick it up! 

It features the same advantages as the K-MAX but is slightly smaller in size. This actually enhances the number of different objects it can collect because the K-MAX has less tension in the wires meaning items will fall out if they are too heavy. Baseballs, Apples, lacrosse balls, cricket balls are all too heavy for the K-MAX and will not work. 

The K-Strike, on the other hand, will collect these items with no problem at all. It has the unique, inbuilt dispensing unit which will allow you to empty the balls back into a bucket in seconds and also features our patented wire removal system. 

If a wire ever gets bent or damaged, you can simply replace the wire using our tool. 

The K-Strike is a lifelong tool that'll solve the issue of forever bending down to collect sports balls. 

THIS PRODUCT WILL NEED ASSEMBLING - Please refer to our instructions page for video tutorials https://www.kollectaball.com/pages/assembly-instructions 

If you are based in the USA or Canada you can purchase directly from this web site. If there is a dealer in your country that is more local to you, the web site will inform you of their contact information. If you do live outside the USA and Canada, please refer to the International Distributors page or contact us at sales@iesales.co.uk

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