Katie Boulter

Posted on June 10 2016

Do you want to see if you can beat our leaders, Katie and Ying? Contact us to find out how to take part in the Kollectaball Challenge.

Professional WTA player, Katie Boulter smashed the record for the Tennis Hopper challenge. 

The hopper challenge is designed to showcase the strength and versatility of the Kollectaball CS60. 

To play, pick a shot you want to hit; forehand cross court, backhand crosscourt, backhand down the line, forehand down the line.

Place the Kollectaball tennis hopper two steps in from the baseline and one step in from the tram lines and then get your coach to feed the tennis ball out of the basket.

You get 7 tennis shots to try and hit the hopper as many times as possible. 

Send your video in and win a Kollectaball prize!

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