Leon Smith

Posted on June 24 2016

The Tennis Hopper Game

Loughborough University student, Leon Smith takes on the kollectaball challenge. Can he hit the tennis ball retriever?

The below video gives a great view of our Kollectaball tennis hopper. We originally created this game to showcase the many advantages of the Kollectaball hopper over the more traditional tennis baskets. 

The Kollectaball tennis hopper is strong, it wont blow over in the wind and wont fall over if you hit it at full speed on a serve or smash. 

Coaches and tennis players can also pick up the balls easily with the Kollectaball hopper; to pick up the balls, simply roll over them and the tennis ball picker upper will do the rest for you. 

The hopper has wire openers on each side to make it easy to feed balls. Dave, our professional coach, can take four balls out at a time and is 6 foot 4. 

There are two heights available with the Kollectaball hopper which is greater than most traditional tennis baskets. 

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