Loughborough University Tennis

Posted on July 15 2018

LUT takes on Tennis Hopper Challenge 

Loughborough University Tennis team takes on the Kollectaball Challenge. Take a look at how they got on!

Loughborough University Tennis is one of the top tennis programs in the UK; we decided to take a trip up there to see how they faired on the Tennis Hopper Challenge. 

What's the Tennis Hopper Challenge? 

A couple of years ago, we created the tennis hopper challenge to showcase our 60 balls tennis picker upper and hopper, the CS60. 

The Kollectaball hopper is one of the only ball collectors and tennis ball hoppers on the market and we wanted to try and replace the old standard of tennis hoppers you see littered around tennis clubs. 

The old tennis hoppers are bulky and heavy, they fall over, pose a risk of injury and are awful at collecting tennis balls!

We decided we'd create one that's fun for kids to use, easy on the back, arm and wrist and one thats functional and sturdy. 

What we came up with was the Kollectaball CS60. Take a look at the below video to see our tennis hopper in action. 


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