The Rules

Posted on December 03 2017

Kollectaball Challenge Rules – 1 shot, 7 balls, 30 seconds of glory!

  • Position the Kollectaball 2 strides in from the baseline. 2 strides in from the singles sideline.
  • Kollectaball must be placed side on
  • Player choses one of four shots: Forehand cross court, Forehand down the line, Backhand cross court or Backhand down the line
  • Each player has 7 consecutive shots to hit the Kollectaball
  • The person feeding the 7 balls to the challenger should feed from the Kollectaball, standing to the left or right of it and not obscuring the filming of the challenger
  • No video cuts are allowed
  • Player must be playing from the baseline
  • Players must introduce themselves – age, what they do and where they're from
  • It can hit anywhere on the Kollectaball but can have no more than one bounce

Videoing the Kollectaball Challenge

  • Video from behind the Kollectaball
  • Video the player running up and introducing themselves 

Want to send in your video?

  • Send your video into
  • When we post your video to Facebook and our blog, we will contact you. To get your free Kollectaball tennis shirt you will also need to share your video on your own timeline.

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