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Posted on May 30 2018

Tennis Summer Camps 

Picture this, it’s mid-summer and you’re just about to finish up your last hour-long session of teaching 30+ kids in one of the group summer camps.

You’ve just finished your last rotation of drills, games, and matches and now have four courts of balls to pick up. The Kids have been whisked off to their next game of the summer camp before you could collect the balls and it’s solely down to you. 

You’ve got around 400 balls to pick up before you can go to lunch and chill out for an hour before the pandemonium starts all over again.

I thought I’d describe this scenario as it is slightly better than the alternative scenario of being stuck out in the winter when it starts to rain and you have to collect balls by hand in the freezing cold.

The fact is, tennis balls that are hit, need to be collected and unfortunately this part of the process of learning sucks!

The good news is if you buy a tennis ball picker your life becomes a lot easier! There’s plenty of options out on the market but only one as simple, fast, fun and as cost-effective as Kollectaball.

We have two different options for tennis ball picker, the K-MAX, and the Kollectaball Mini.

The K-MAX tennis ball collector

The KMAX will collect 60 tennis balls and has a unique dispensing unit allowing coaches to empty balls into a large hopper or container in just a few seconds. The wires are extremely durable and have been tested at over 10,000 hours of continuous rolling without signs of breakage. They come with a two-year warranty, a sturdy handle, and everything you need to pick up and start collecting tennis balls.

The Kollectaball Mini Tennis Ball Collector

Our other option is the Kollectaball mini, the mini will pick up 40 balls in seconds. It’s lightweight meaning it’s great for kids and adults alike. It has teeth on the side of the cage to allow a simple yet efficient emptying of the cage. We would recommend this highly if you run any type of tennis summer camp. You’ll find the kids have so much fun they’ll be enthusiastic about collecting the balls.

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