Cricket Ball Collector

Posted on May 22 2018

One of the most frustrating things whilst practicing in the nets is picking up the cricket balls afterwards! They go everywhere!

The good news is there’s now a cricket ball collector which will make picking up the cricket balls by hand a thing of the past.

Kollectaball offers a range of collectors that pick up many types of sports balls. For cricket, the K-Strike picks up 25 balls and easily dispenses back into a larger hopper using its unique dispensing system.

Kollectaball works through a series of extremely strong yet flexible wires that come together to form a cage. The wires open to allow the balls into the cage and then return to their original form, trapping the ball inside. No downward pressure needs to be put on to the handle, customers simply have to roll the cage over the balls and they will enter into the cage.

Adults are advised to monitor children whilst using the unit as 25 cricket balls in the cage can become quite heavy. The cages are extremely robust and will not break and do not damage any type of surface. They are used on the most professional of tennis hard courts, golfing greens and baseball field and works over thousands of hours across the world without damage.

So check out our video below to see just how easy it is to collect cricket balls!

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