Golf Ball Collector

Posted on May 09 2018

Picture this; its a cold, wet and wintery day out on the driving range. There’s that one golf enthusiast (psycho) getting frustrated his driving game isn’t quite up to par when there’s a tornado blowing in front of him.

You’re in charge of maintenance and you’re waiting for him to finish up so you can collect the balls for the day but the range is completely waterlogged.

Time to bring out the shag bags again right!? Punching one golf ball at a time, what a nightmare!



Well, instead of trying to collect every golf ball up one by one, why don’t you just roll them up!? The Kollectaball Golf Ball Collector doesn’t damage turf even when wet and boddy and you can collect up to 80 balls at a time.

We have the Pro-Collector, a fast and easy to manoeuvre 80 ball collector and the Bagbuddy, an even more lightweight and easy to manoeuvre 40 golf ball collector.

It seems an easy decision right? Prepare for the cold weather or even use it in the nice months and catch some rays! Either way, you can say goodbye to arching your back, kneeling down or any kind of arduous physical activity and better yet, its fast and most importantly, it’s fun!

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