Kollectaball Tennis Ball Retriever

Posted on March 15 2018

It’s crazy to think that after such a long period of time after the professionalization of the game, there isn't a professional tennis ball retriever on the market for an affordable price.

This is why the founders of Kollectaball, decided to develop a product that could quickly and efficiently pick up tennis balls whilst keeping the tool within the budgets of most tennis coaches. Lastly, they wanted to make something that was actually fun to use!

With so much time of your tennis lesson being taken up by the need for collecting tennis balls, you wouldn't believe the difference in enjoyment a Kollectaball can make!

OUr collectors range from $77 to $198.00 providing you with an extensive range of choice with regards to price and professionalism of your collector.

So give it a go! Grab a Kollectaball and add it to your tennis coaching offering and you’ll be overwhelmed with the feedback you get from small kids to adults - the Kollectaball makes the most boring part of a tennis lesson fun.

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