Ping Pong Ball Collector

Posted on August 03 2018

The only thing that bothers us after we are done practicing table tennis is the collection of balls. You never know which corner of the hall you will find the balls nor how difficult they’ll be to reach! Not to mention the fact your back hurts after constant picking up, one by one. But our table tennis ball collector can make the task easier for you. It is capable of collecting around 60 balls in a few seconds and you can buy it at an affordable price.

This K-Max ping pong ball collector is simple to use and lets you collect 100 balls in a few seconds. Moreover, you can also empty it quickly through its unique dispensing system that makes the task easier for you. This light-weight ball collector can also be stored easily. That means that you’ll be able to collect hundreds of balls in less time and save your time and energy to utilize it for more practice.

The K-Max ball collector can also be used for collecting padel, tennis, pickleball and ping pong balls after practice. It is a strong professional collector that glides easily over different surfaces. It is built for all standards of players. You can easily hang it on the fence. And the best part about using this table tennis ball collector is that it can be used for a lifetime. That means it won’t damage with time.

Kollectaball also offers the Bag Buddy at £27.50, Kollectaball CS40 at £44.95, and Pro-Collector at £49.99 that you can buy for the collection of balls after your practice. You will find the widest collection of the ball collectors at our online portal. Browse our website to find the best collector for you. best best most suitable ball collector for you.

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