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Posted on April 15 2018

Is Federer Going to Play the French Open 2018?

Roger Federer’s decision not to play the clay court season again this year is undoubtedly a big blow for the French Open, but a big gain for tennis fans in general. Federer, now 36, hasn’t played the French Open since 2015, preferring instead to take the opportunity to rest his body ahead of a tilt at the Wimbledon title. While this is bad news for French Open enthusiasts, Federer’s decision to skip the clay court season has bared fruit in the past, culminating in Federer winning Wimbledon without dropping a set in 2017.

For fans of tennis, and Federer (and who could be a fan of tennis without being a fan of Federer) though, it is not necessarily winning that is the most important part of Federer’s decision not to play the clays. Instead, what should concern fans most is longevity. Time is running out to see the 20 times grand slam champion in the flesh, and any move that means we can see the Swiss maestro a while longer should surely be welcomed.

Unfortunately for the clay court tournaments, and in particular, the French Open, the short clay court season is the logical time for Federer to rest. Not only is clay court tennis particularly physical and draining, but also, Federer knows his chances of winning at Roland Garros are severely limited. Just to reach the French Open final, Federer would have to expend a huge amount of energy and play extremely well just to face Rafael Nadal, a man against whom he has a 2 and 13 record on clay.

So Federer’s withdrawal from the French Open may be a great disappointment for French fans, but for the rest, it is certainly a blessing. If Federer has to miss a couple of clay tournaments a year in order to entertain us at the other 15 or so competitions he plays each year then so be it.


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