Tennis Ball Collector Machine

Posted on April 24 2018

Why we developed tennis ball collectors

Three years ago, we embarked on our mission to create a tennis ball collector that was simple, fun and affordable.

We consisted of a team of a recent college graduate, who played tennis all his life (myself), my old tennis coach and my Dad.

Three years on, we think we have successfully created the best tennis ball collectors in the world.

Tennis Ball Collector Range

We have three tennis ball collectors available, the Kollectaball Max, the Kollectaball Feeder and the Kollectaball Mini.

The Kollectaball Max picks up 60 balls and has a brilliant dispensing unit that allows you to empty balls into a larger hopper or bucker in seconds!



The Kollectaball Feeder is a clever hopper that allows you to collect and feed all with the same unit. The Feeder collects 60 balls; coaches can then use the teeth at the side of the cage to part the wires and feed directly from the cage. The Feeder folds into a very small space to make storage and transport easy and it is very lightweight, so say goodbye to the old, heavy, metal ball baskets!


240 tennis ball collector


Lastly, our economy product, the Kollectaball Mini, picks up 40 balls. It’s lightweight and easy to use and is great for kids and adults alike.


40 Ball Tennis Collector


All of our tennis ball collector machine pick up any kind of tennis ball. So, whether you’re a soft ball tennis coach, a mini red tennis, mini green tennis, mini orange tennis and of course a full sized tennis ball coach, our collectors will work for you.

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