Tennis Ball Retriever - Why do I Need One?

Posted on March 18 2019

What Benefits Does a Tennis Ball Retriever Give Me?


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Matches are what tennis is all about, it’s what we play for. Unfortunately, we can’t spend all our time playing matches and if we want to improve our games, we need to put a fair bit of time in on the practice court. This is where the tennis ball retriever becomes a vital piece of tennis equipment.

Whether you’re hitting against a ball machine or playing with your tennis coach, a good practice will entail hitting a lot of tennis balls. Unlike in matches, you’re not going to be hitting back and forth with your partner, instead, you’re going to be hitting as many balls as possible and this means your coach feeding you balls from a basket.

The inevitable consequence of this is that there are lots and lots of tennis balls to collect once you run out of balls. If you think of the average 60-minute tennis lesson, the chances are, you spend about 6 of those minutes picking up balls - that’s 10% of your lesson gone.

Let's be honest about this, picking up tennis balls is not fun! You’re bending over all the time, wasting your valuable time, just wanting to get back to hitting balls. If you do it by hand it takes ages, if you get a tennis ball picker upper it’s a little quicker, and if you get the right tennis ball picker upper, you can cut your time picking up balls drastically.

Tennis is an expensive sport. You’ve got to pay for court time, you have to pay for rackets, you have to pay for strings to restring those rackets, grips to grip those rackets, the list goes on. One expense that is particularly important is your coaching. More than any other expense, this is the one that can improve your game the most. If only you didn’t waste 10% of it picking up tennis balls!

At Kollectaball, we’ve collectively spent over a century of our lives playing tennis and we’ve always found it frustrating that tennis ball collection never seems to improve. It’s still boring, it’s still slow and it still involves a ton of bending over. Eventually, we decided it was time for things to change when it came to tennis ball retrievers, and we set about fixing the problems.

Taking inspiration from collectors in other industries, we brought out the Kollectaball range of ball collectors, and we think they solve a number of problems. As coaches, players, and parents, there are plenty of challenges that we face in tennis. Here are some of those problems, and how the Kollectaball products can go a little way to fixing them.

Tennis Faces a Lot of Competition

Coaches know that they face a lot of competition when it comes to keeping children interested in tennis. Tennis is a great sport, but the thing is, there are tons of other sports that can attract kids and take them away from it.

Ideally, as a coach, you want to turn every pupil you work with into a tennis player for life. It’s a great sport for the kids, that offers innumerable benefits, and the more players you work with, the better it is for you.

One way to put yourself ahead of the competition, both from other sports and other tennis coaches is by making your practices innovative and fun. The more you engage the kids, the more likely they are to keep on coming back for more.

There are many ways coaches do this. By introducing games and gadgets you can easily increase a child’s excitement for tennis, but what about the boring parts of the game? Collecting tennis balls is undoubtedly one of the most boring parts of the game, so why is nobody trying to make this activity more fun?

At Kollectaball, we wanted to make tennis ball collection something that kids (and maybe adults) look forward to rather than something they dread. With our tennis ball retriever, you eliminate one of the biggest downsides of playing tennis - collecting balls. It’s no longer slow, tedious work, it’s now fast and exciting.

If you want to maximize the number of kids that you have coming back to your sessions, then you’ve got to find ways of minimizing the parts of tennis that the kids don’t like. By making tennis ball collection fun, you can keep kids happy and keep them coming back to your lessons.

With their rolling cage technology, the Kollectaball products could just make a difference when it comes to kids coming back for more tennis lessons. It’s a small detail, but what reason is there not to upgrade your ball collection methods?

Are You Maximizing Your Time on Court?

Time is a valuable thing in our busy lives. Most of us don’t get to spend as much time on court as we would like, and time with a professional tennis coach is a valuable thing. When you think of an hour tennis lesson, it seems crazy to think that if you spend 6 minutes of your time picking up balls then you’ve lost 10% of your lesson.


If you’re paying $50 an hour for a private lesson, then essentially, you’re paying $5 just for the privilege of picking up tennis balls! You could pay someone $5 an hour to pick up the balls for you and you’d be breaking even, having used that time to make the most of your lesson. Thing is, the ball collector would probably use a Kollectaball tennis ball collector to make his life easy, and you can too.


K-Max tennis ball retriever


Our signature product, the K-Max will collect 60 tennis balls in seconds, and the best thing is, it’s absolutely no hassle at all. You simply roll over the balls and they are gently cushioned in the cage. Before you know it, you are ready to get back to doing what you are there to do in the first place - practice your tennis.

For players, the benefits are obvious. The less time you spend picking up tennis balls, the more time you can spend focusing on improving your tennis. You don’t get that much time on court with a tennis professional, so it makes sense that you make as much use of that time as possible. You’re paying to learn tennis, not practice picking up tennis balls!

For coaches, the Kollectaball tennis ball retriever offers a competitive advantage over other tennis coaches. By introducing this innovative product, you give your students the opportunity to get more out of your expertise. Not only are you making one of the most boring aspects of tennis fun, but you are allowing players 6 more minutes per hour of playing tennis. That’s over an hour of extra play over the course of a day.

Are you Maximizing your Time off Court?

As a tennis parent, you lose track of all the time you spend on the side of a tennis court. Many times, it’s out in the cold, with nothing much to keep you entertained. While it’s still not the most exciting use of time, many parents find they can pass a little bit of the time by helping collect balls. The only problem is, there aren’t really any tools that are suitable for this.

With tennis lessons being a pretty expensive investment, it makes sense to make the most of your time on the sideline by picking up a few balls. The Kollectaball tennis ball retriever allows you to do this with ease. You can stay active and keep warm just by picking up a few balls.

The best part about this is you’re maximizing what you pay for. Rather than spending 10% of their time picking up tennis balls, your child can put a 100% of their time into improving their tennis, and at the end of the day, that’s the goal right?

Kollectaball takes bending out of the tennis ball collection equation, so if you suffer from a bad back then this is the product for you. By simply rolling over the balls with the Kollectaball, you can speed up collection time and get your child back to hitting tennis balls.

Why Kollectaball?

Tennis ball collection is something that is easily overlooked, but as you can tell, we are pretty passionate about it. It might be a small detail, but sometimes small details can make big differences and we think that is exactly what Kollectaball can do.

Time on the tennis court is very valuable and coaches and players want to feel like they are maximizing that time. If your players are paying good money just to spend 10% of their time picking up tennis balls it is clear that there is space for optimization. By drastically cutting down on the amount of time spent picking up tennis balls, you can give an hour a day back to your students, time that can be spent improving their tennis.

By keeping things fun and giving your students more time to practice their tennis, you’re going to find that you retain students better and people may even start coming to you just to pick up the tennis balls!

There are plenty of benefits to the fastest ball retriever on the market, but not many reasons not to upgrade your tennis ball collection.

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