The 100 Ball Cop Out

Posted on April 25 2018

The ECA Wants to Bring in 100 Ball Format 


The English Cricket Board has recently announced plans to introduce a 100 ball format with the aim of simplifying the game and making it more accessible to everyone. Quite frankly, this proposal and the reasons behind it are ridiculous.

The ECB say they want to make the sport more accessible to women and children and believe that people can easily follow along with a hundred ball countdown. Well, I for one can count down from 120, (the number of balls in a 20 over game) just as it seems the millions of men, women, and children who watch the IPL and Big Bash can.

One can only conclude that the ECB, rather than wanting to reach out to new audiences, have decided that they cannot compete with the IPL and Big Bash, and have decided to change the rules.



Not only would this new proposal add yet another format to the existing 5 day, 4 day, 1 day and 20 over formats, but vows to change the format within the format. In order to make 6 ball overs fit in to the 100 ball format, there would be a 10 ball last over. All this change simply so that people can count down from 100 balls?

Unfortunately for the ECB, they have not had the creativity and business skills that have been necessary to compete with their Indian and Australian counterparts, and now, rather than competing in the same market, have decided to change the rules of the game.

I can’t see any benefit whatsoever to the 100 ball proposal and would assume that it will soon fall flat on its face. Rather than dreaming up new varieties of the game, the ECB should instead spend its time figuring out how to compete with the IPL and Big Bash in the already popular 20/20 format.

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