Why Del Po Deserves a Slam & Why This is The Year!

Posted on April 11 2018

Delpo Collecting Wins 


With the ATP tour missing some of its most high profile characters of late, and others failing to hit the heights of previous years, it has been a joy to see Juan Martin Del Potro step into the limelight to win the Indian Wells Masters. Del Potro, who has 21 wins and just 4 loses in 2018 has tasted Grand Slam glory before, breaking up the 8-year monopoly the big 4 had on Grand Slam titles when he won the 2009 US Open, but can he add to his solitary Grand Slam victory this year?


But can he Collect a Grand Slam?

While Del Po has undoubtedly been in brilliant form this year, winning a Grand Slam event is still a mighty challenge, even if the competition may seem to have weakened a little bit. First up is the French Open, and we all know who the boss is when it comes to the clay. Once again, it is nearly impossible to look past perennial champion, Rafael Nadal this year, and even if he were to be injured, you would not fancy Del Po. Del Potro’s 6ft 6inch frame and booming strokes are not suited to the clay, where the slow courts make easy winners hard to come by and movement is key in a war of attrition. Del Potro has made the semi-finals of the competition in 2009 however and will be looking to put together a good run.


If we assume that Nadal will take home the French Open title then that leaves Del Potro two more Grand Slam chances for the year: Wimbledon and the US Open. Just as the French Open can be seen as Nadal’s turf, Wimbledon too has its own king in Roger Federer, but this championship would appear to be much more open than the French. Del Potro has reached the semi-finals of the tournament in 2013 and so will be confident of going deep into the tournament, but once again, he does not seem ideally suited to the surface. Although the faster courts allow Del Potro to use his power to hit winners and keep the points short, his large and slightly ungainly swings, particularly on the forehand can make it difficult to time the ball. So although he will still be considered among the favourites for Wimbledon, perhaps his best chance of victory will be at the US Open once again.


Why Delpo Deserves a Slam

Del Potro is one of the great characters of tennis and his hard work in coming back from serious wrist injuries in 2010 and between 2014 and 2016 is showing in his excellent recent results. Whether it be a surprise victory at the French, Wimbledon, or a repeat of his US Open crown, it would be a wonderful story if Juan Martin Del Potro could win another Grand Slam and something that is greatly deserved.

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