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Below is a list of our best selling tennis ball picker uppers for tennis ball collection and picking up golf balls. 
We have three versions of tennis ball collectors below; the CS60 which doubles as a hopper for tennis and will collect 60 balls in seconds.
The K-Max that can be used in tandem with the CS60 allows collection of 60 balls and has an inbuilt dispensing unit for emptying tennis balls. This tennis ball collector comes with a sturdy handle and a 6-month product guarantee. 
The CS40 is a slightly more cost-effective option; it's lightweight which works brilliantly for young kids collecting tennis balls. 
Lastly, we have an additional tennis cage if you're a coach who wants to pick up hundreds of tennis balls in seconds. The extra cage can be used in conjunction with the Kollectaball Max and the CS60 for the perfect tennis coaching setup. 
We also have an additional golf ball collector in this section. The Bagbuddy is our most cost-effective golf ball collector and will pick up 40 golf balls in seconds; this is the perfect gift for any golf lover and works well on the green or the driving range. Better yet, it will collect out of the water and does not damage any type of grass. 
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