Lacross Ball Picker Upper 

Picking up Lacrosse balls after every practice can be an absolute nightmare. Yes, the players normally make the freshman pick up the balls, but they don't like doing it and at the end of the day, do you really want to create a bad atmosphere in the group? 

With hundreds of balls left strewed across the field, it can take a long time to pick up each lacrosse ball one by one by hand. With the Kollectaball Strike, you can wizz round in a couple of minutes and collect hundreds of lacrosse balls. 

The wire cage works perfectly on grass or artificial grass and doesn't affect the surface in any way. It will collect up to 30 lacrosse balls which can quickly be dispensed into a larger bucket. 

It saves time, it makes practice more fun for kids and students and it doesn't cost much! 

If you ask us, its a win win. 

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