Fastest Tennis Ball Collector for tennis balls

Posted on May 02 2018

Tennis ball collecting can be a huge pain! It can be a pain to get the kids to do it, it can be a pain to do it yourself.

Especially with the weather like it is in this country (it’s currently hammering it down sideways at the time of writing) picking up the balls can not only be annoying but it can be costly too. If your tennis balls are left out in the rain, we all know how hard it is to dry them off and keep them as new as possible.

The good news is there are plenty of ways to collect tennis balls and plenty of tools you can use on the market. The problem is, a lot of them are expensive!

Who wants to spend £300 on a tennis ball mower that’s going to get battered by the weather?

The good news is, Kollectaball offers a range of tennis ball collectors at a reasonable price. Our tennis ball retriever is quick and easy to assemble and pick up tennis balls just as fast as the big tennis ball mowers that cost so much.

If you’ve ever bought or used a tennis tube, you’ll see how much fun the kids have whilst using them. Therefore you won't be surprised to find that kids love the Kollectaball tennis ball collectors even more!

What might surprise you is you’ll actually find it fun as well! The chore of collecting tennis balls, day in day out will be a thing of the past as you use the new Kollectaball collector to glide across the court picking up all those little yellow fuzz balls!

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