Golf Ball Pickers from Kollectaball

Posted on May 02 2018

Searching for a golf ball picker? It’d be a lot easier to use a golf ball roller!

There’s no longer any reason to pick up balls one by one, whether for practice, cleaning away the driving range or even cleaning up around a golf shop.

The Kollectaball range of golf ball collectors are the quickest golf ball collectors on the market.


golf ball pickers

Each box comes flat packed with everything you need to start collecting and after 10 minutes of assembly you’re can pick all the golf balls you like of the floor.

We use a unique wire that doesn’t leave marks on any surface, whether it be wood for pickleball, a hard court for tennis or the finest green on any golf course.

Ultimately the Kollectaball golf ball pickers makes life easier, there’s no need to bend down and no effort is required. The cage rolls almost unassisted and the golf balls enter seamlessly.

To empty the golf balls, all you have to do is pick up the collector and push the wire openers located at the side of the unit and push them into the cage. Once the cage wires are open, invert the golf balls collecting machine and empty the balls into your required container.

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