Golf Ball Collecting Tools

Posted on March 20 2018

One of the worst things about practicing on the greens is having to pick up all the golf balls once you've finished. It’s time-consuming, boring and can often hurt your back if you're not bending down correctly.

Thankfully, Kollectaball has a range of golf ball collectors that make collecting golf balls both easy and fun!



Available in Australia, we have the Pro-Collector and the Bagbuddy, ranging from $88 to $ 110.  The Pro-Collector picks up 80 balls and the Bagbuddy picks up 40 golf balls.

Both come with their own unique dispensing unit enabling customers to efficiently empty the contents of the cage into the desired container.

The bagbuddy is the perfect golf ball collector to fit into your golf bag and take with you on the golf course for when you’re looking to fit in a quick practice on the greens. You’ll be able to collect all your golf balls in a matter of seconds.

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