Kollectaball K-MAX Instructions

Posted on March 20 2018

 Kollectaball offers you the best collection of ball collectors for a quick and easy collection of the balls. There are ball collectors for almost every sport that you play like the ping pong, tennis, golf, etc. You no longer have to feel the pain and waste time by collecting balls one by one after practice. Our ball collectors are very easy to use and can be assembled easily as well.

Have a look at the instructions that will help you in assembling the Kollectaball collectors:

  1. Open the wire pack and drop the wires to separate.
  2. Take the first wire and push into the hole provided until a click is heard.
  3. Repeat this with the remaining wires. You should be left with two spares.
  4. Take the other black disc and fit the free end of the wires into the slots available.
  5. Secure with the lock nut.
  6. Be sure to leave space for the cone to move.
  7. Fit the remaining wires to complete the cage.
  8. Fit the V opener onto the handle.
  9. Take the first washer and place over the hole then screw in the long bolt.
  10. Place the remaining washer on the other side and then tighten the bolt using a lock nut.
  11. Place the bail into the hole at the end of the handle.
  12. Place the lock nut on the screw and twist until the locknut sits neatly in the butterfly nut.
  13. Take the screw out and push it through the hole on the handle.
  14. Keeping your finger on the lock nut; twist the nut onto the screw so the bail is attached firmly to the handle.
  15. Place your cage on the handle and your Kollectaball Max is now complete and ready to use.

You are all set to use the Kollectaball Max and start collecting scattered tennis balls. Enjoy collecting balls after the practice and be back to practice with the same amount of energy!

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