Tennis Gifts to Keep Your Man Looking Suave

Posted on November 19 2018

There's no shortage of style in men's tennis! Roger Federer, Dominic Thiem, Alexander Zverev, they've all got the tennis fashion down, and that's not even to mention the legends like Bjorn Borg.


Many of the sports we play are team sports, so you are stuck wearing a uniform that you may or may not like, but that's not the case in tennis, and it makes for the perfect opportunity to show some personality.


If you're looking for tennis gifts for him, then why not have a peruse of our list of men's tennis clothes. These have been personally picked out by our little tennis fashion fan Lawrence, so we hope you enjoy looking through and maybe you will find the perfect tennis gift for the tennis fan in your life. 



We had to start with a throwback to fashion god Bjorn Borg! This jacket is as iconic as it is timeless, and we hope it never goes out of style!


While it is most famous in its red form, we love this contemporary blue color [Amazon}, which looks utterly classy. There's no way you won't walk onto the court looking like an absolute boss with this jacket. 




They may not have reached quite the legendary status of Borg's warmup jackets, but Adidas doesn't do too bad a job when it comes to tracksuits either.


Stay warm with the Z.N.E Hoodie [Amazon] and look incredibly suave at the same time. This hoodie is so soft you just want to snuggle up to it, and it makes for an excellent tennis gift. 



There's no point having the best hoodie out there only to pull it off and reveal a boring tennis shirt underneath. One thing's for certain, no one will be thinking you are boring with this Adidas Seasonal Polo [Amazon]!


I hope I never have to play against someone who is wearing this shirt[Amazon] because I feel like I would spend all my time trying to figure out what is going on with this design. The one thing I have figured out is I like it.

Add in some stylish shorts, and you're good to go! Shorts are never going to be the biggest style statement, but the main thing is that they are comfortable, and Adidas tend to deliver on that.


These men's Adidas Melbourne Tennis [Amazon] shorts will keep you cool and comfortable, allowing you to play your very best tennis whilst looking great. 



Nike and Adidas are pretty dominant when it comes to tennis. Of course, the Fed is now with Uniqlo and Djokovic is with Lacoste, but the big two brands have got most of the youngster signed up and will look to dominate the sport for years to come. 


At the end of the day, they keep producing some pretty cool tennis gear, so we're happy to keep turning out in their stuff!


Being fans of some of the vintage tennis looks, we love the Nike tennis court logo clothing, and we've got a couple of great pics that your tennis-loving friends would love to see in their Christmas stocking!



We've got some pretty cool warm-ups on this list, but this Court Crew Long Sleeve Sweatshirt [Amazon] might just be my favorite. 


If Fed were still with Nike I could just see him serenely wondering around Wimbledon in it, looking like the classy G.O.A.T that he is.


Unfortunately for Fed, he's no longer with Nike, so we will just have to do this sweatshirt [Amazon] justice ourselves. 


As we've said, we love the classic Nike tennis court logo clothes, and this shirt [Amazon] brings the best of modern and classic clothing. 


This is such an easy gift [Amazon] for any tennis fan out there and is sure to have them looking the real deal.


Now you just need a pair of short to pair this shirt with and you or your friend is ready to go out and take on the world.


I'm always accused of sticking too closely to blue and grey colors, so here's something a little outside the box (at least for me!)



Get spotted from the clubhouse with these standout Nike Court Flex Tennis Shorts [Amazon}, and buck the trend of black, white, blue and grey!


As we said, tennis is an individual sport, and as much as you show your personality with your strokes, you show it with the clothes you wear.


Help your loved ones make the right statement with these stylish tennis gifts!

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