Kollectaball Tennis Gifts

Posted on November 08 2018

Kollectaball Tennis Gifts


There are lots of things to love about tennis, but picking up tennis balls has to be one of the most tedious parts of the game. 


Luckily, Kollectaball has the perfect answer to your ball collecting needs. Whether you're just tired of bending over to pick up balls, or you're a coach picking up thousands of balls a day, Kollectaball has the ideal tennis ball collector for you.

 Kollectaball Product Range


If you know someone who's always out on the tennis court, or you have a loved one who is a tennis coach, then Kollectaball have the perfect tennis gifts. 


The innovative cage technology in the Kollectaball products allows users to lightly roll over tennis balls, greatly reducing the time it takes to collect balls and increasing the time available for actually playing tennis. 


Check out the exciting range of ball collectors that can make the perfect tennis gift for your loved one!



 CS40 Tennis Gift


The CS40 takes all the bending out of picking up tennis balls and is the perfect way to pick up balls after a tough practice. 


It has a lightweight frame and makes picking up tennis balls effortless and fun. Kids love running around with the CS40, collecting balls with ease, and forgetting the fact that picking up balls used to be a bit of a chore!


The CS40 is also perfect for people who suffer from back problems and don't wish to bend down to pick up all the balls they've hit. With the CS40 you simply roll over the balls, collecting up to 40 tennis balls in seconds.


This would make a perfect tennis gift for any coach who works with young children, or older tennis players. It makes picking up balls more fun and takes the hassle out of bending over, meaning you can spend more time coaching, and less time picking up balls. 



K-Max Tennis Ball Collector

If you're looking for something with a slightly bigger capacity, then the K-Max tennis ball collector is the ideal ball picking solution.


This professional grade collector picks 60 balls in seconds and has an easy dispensing system that will have you back hitting balls in no time. 


The K-Max is an ideal tennis present for tennis coaches and is designed to maximize the efficiency of practices by reducing the time spent picking up tennis balls. 


Kollectaball's resident coach, and former ATP player, David Ireland has spent time developing this product, optimizing it for use in tennis teaching, so you can be sure that all bases have been covered. 


The Kollectaball K-Max makes picking up balls hassle free and makes picking up balls fun for kids. We think it will make an excellent tennis gift for any coach.



CS60 Tennis Gift


The CS60 is the tennis coach's secret weapon! Not only does it collect 60 tennis balls in seconds, but it also turns into a sturdy feeding basket. 


Once you've collected your tennis balls, simply open up the CS60's stand system and you have a convenient feeding basket. 


The CS60 is easy to transport and will simplify training session by taking the hassle out of ball collecting.


If you know a coach who is constantly striving to improve his training sessions then the CS60 would make the perfect gift.



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