Stylish Gifts for Your Tennis Loving Lady

Posted on October 26 2018

It’s no secret that tennis is one of the best sports to showcase style. Think back to the likes of Rene Lacoste, Bjorn Borg, and Serena Williams, and it's clear that the tennis court has been a platform for showcasing some iconic styles. Today's game is no different!


Stylish Tennis Gifts


If you’ve got a tennis-loving friend then some of the latest tennis clothing will always make the perfect tennis gift, so we’ve collected some of our favorite ladies tennis clothes for you to take a look at.

Frankly, we find it a little bit boring that tennis clothing seems to be dominated by the duopoly of Adidas and Nike, so we’ve tried to look outside the box a little to offer you something a little bit different but just as striking.


You know they’re a huge brand in the yoga world, but did you know they also have a fantastic range of tennis clothing?

The chances are you may not have because you don’t see too many top players wearing Lululemon on the court, but they do make some gorgeous dresses that are as comfortable as they are glitzy.



We adore this grapefruit pink pleat skirt [Amazon], and it’s sure to make a great tennis gift for the lady who loves tennis in your life.

Match it up with the equally fetching Lululemon Cool Racerback [Amazon] and you’re sure to stay cool and dry no matter how strenuous the tennis gets.



And lastly, just to finish everything off, the Lululemon Fringe Fighter Headband [Amazon] will keep the sweat out of your eyes whilst looking absolutely fabulous.


Sam Edelman

Sam Edelman [Amazon] may not be the first brand you think of when tennis comes to mind but they have produced a jaw-dropping retro dress that we think will make the perfect tennis gift.



Fila is a slightly bigger name in tennis, and they have produced some iconic tennis clothes over the years, think Borg! But they also offer some great ladies clothes as well. 


This Heritage Racerback [Amazon]black number is sure to make you stand out from the crowd!


We know it's the tennis that really matters, but it's nice to look good at the same time as torturing your opponent. 



Braziwear [Amazon]



Orange might be the new black, but black and orange make for the best of both! Have your loved one looking fabulous with this multi-purpose sports dress.


The Braziwear Workout Dress  [Amazon] is made from a light material that will keep you comfortable and cool whilst owning the tennis court. A perfect blend of convenient and fashionable.


Nike [Amazon]

So we didn't manage to go the whole article without talking about Nike or Adidas, but hey, this dress just caught our eye. 

This Court Power Tennis Dress [Amazon] looks as futuristic as it does gorgeous, and we couldn't leave it off our list. This dress is made with supportive, sweat absorbent material that will keep you cool and dry on the court.

Make sure your loved one dazzles on court with this classy number!



If your loved ones are big tennis fans then why not check out these great tennis gift options?

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