Tennis Scorekeeper 1 - 6 (4 Units)

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Tennis Scoreboard by Sho-Court X4

  • Ideal scoreboard for general match play.
  • Many scoreboards will fade and weather badly over time, but the ShoCourt is built to last.
  • The easy score counter system makes changing score simple.
  • Bright counters mean the score is easy to see for players and spectators.
  • Easy to rotate.
  • Features 4 lock in positions.
  • Quick net post mounting system included.
  • Space for a padlock to be installed

The 1 - 6 Scorekeeper by Sho-Court is the ultimate tennis scoreboard for any tennis court. 

The standard scorekeeper's on the market break easily, warp, or degrade quickly. Our scorekeeper is built for longevity! 

It's a hard-wearing board that will never break if a tennis ball is hit at it. There's no need to worry about losing a number and having to replace it and the board is resistant to rust and sun damage including warping of the board. 


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