Quik Strap + Quik Chek

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If you're tired of net straps constantly slipping, wearing, and needing replacing, then the Quik Strap is the net strap for you. The Quick Straps superior velcro pulley system makes setting the net height easy and ensures no slippage.

We're so confident that the Quik Strap will last that we offer a 3-year guarantee against Velcro failure, stitching failure, swivel failure, and buckle failure. 

Buying a quality net strap today will mean you have to replace your net straps less often in the future, saving you money in the long run. 

The Quik Strap is sold with the handy Quik Chek, which allows one person to easily measure and adjust the height of the net. 


  • Set the net to the perfect height with minimal ease.
  • Adjust and measure in one motion.
  • Superior Velcro strap will not slip.
  • Easy for everyone to adjust.
  • Net measure included. 

If you are based in the USA or Canada you can purchase directly from this web site. If there is a dealer in your country that is more local to you, the web site will inform you of their contact information. If you do live outside the USA and Canada, please refer to the International Distributors page or contact us at sales@iesales.co.uk

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