Men’s DI Lacrosse Tournament Shaping Up Just As It Should

Posted on May 19 2018

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is called “March Madness” for a reason—and not just because it takes place in March and the name sounds good. No, it is because the one thing you can count on happening is that something unexpected is going to happen.

A team that shouldn’t win a game does. A team that shouldn’t lose a game does. A No.1 seed loses to a No. 16 seed. Things happen that can only be described as “crazy.” While that makes for a lot of drama, which is great for television ratings, it means the best teams are not always the ones playing for the title in the end.

Even though we love the excitement that builds when there’s drama, we like to see the best of the best teams playing for the right to be called champion even more. As the quarterfinals approach for the Men’s DI Lacrosse Tournament, it appears that the best teams are still standing.




The top seven teams in the country all survived:

  • Yale, the top team in the rankings but the No. 3 seed in the tournament, faced a tough challenge from Massachusetts but came out on top 15-13. 
  • Last year’s champion, Maryland, took down a good Robert Morris team by three. 
  • Denver had a tough one against Notre Dame but pulled out the win in the end, 9-7.
  • Albany was the only one that dominated their opponent, beating Richmond by nine.
  • Duke didn’t get much of a challenge out of Villanova (17-11)
  • But John Hopkins was pushed to the limit by Georgetown, but the Bulldogs came out on top, 10-9.

    In a perfect world, the best teams will all be among the top-ranked ones in the nation. Come playoff time they will be the ones that move on. But, as fans know all too well, that is often not the case in many sports.

    It certainly wasn’t in college football when No. 2 Auburn was knocked off by No. 6 Georgia in their regular-season finale. The Tigers went from being national title contenders to playing in the Peach Bowl instead.

    Then there was the upset of all upsets—No. 16 seed UMBC knocking off the No. 1 seeded Virginia Cavaliers during March Madness this year.

    A No. 1 seed is not just a team that can impact the playoff landscape. It determines it as one of the best teams in the nation. But not this time. Instead, a team few have ever heard of pulled off the biggest upset in recent sports history.

    But the lacrosse landscape looks safe for now. It appears that the best of the best teams will be the ones fighting it out for the right to be called “champions.”

    With the top seven teams in the country remaining and eight teams left in the tournament, fans are in for a treat. The next round of games will feature top-ranked teams playing other top-ranked teams. No. 2 Maryland will take on No. 9 Cornell. No. 3 Denver will face off against No. 4 Albany. No. 1 Yale will play No. 6 Loyola. No. 5 Duke will have a very tough challenge on its hands when they play No. 7 Johns Hopkins.

    When the dust settles, fans will know that the eventual champion is indeed a true champion. It will not be some random unranked team that got lucky and upset a couple of top-ranked teams.

    It will be a team that proved it is the best by beating the best every step of the way.

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